• Genie uses your Bluetooth range to introduce you to REAL people, in REAL places, in REAL time.
  • So even if the person who caught your eye does pass by, the moment doesn’t have to.

Explore Kismet..

  • See people around you real time
  • Works when you aren’t using the app
  • Check your history
  • Send connection request

And… most importantly …

Switch off kismet.

Whenever you don’t want to be discoverable..

Ensuring more power and security goes to women..

We want women to feel empowered; which is why female users are offered further safety features:


Anonymous Mode

Invisible Mode

Set the bar...

Wrong place, wrong time, right person?

Time your request so that you can avoid the awkward moments.


We value your privacy, so the 'nearby proximity feature' can simply be turned off/on by opting in or out , reverting to a more traditional online dating experience , but with a twist..

Make your right swipe
the right swipe

It all starts with the right swipe...

  • Our research revealed that most men on dating apps swipe right to every profile...
  • That is why Genie uses a unique split-screen swiping module, giving them a nudge to swipe with presence.

Dating; simplified. As it should be...

Verified profiles only…

Just download Genie and register… remember we only allow verified profiles to avoid any catfishing and make it a better experience for everyone…

Advanced filters

We give you a choice of more than 10 filters to narrow down the profiles that you want to see

No subscription…

Whilst most of Genie’s features are free to use…

Even for premium features, we DO NOT tie you into a subscription… In Genie you just buy credits with as little as 1 £,€,$ to top of your balance and use it for the premium feature that you want… giving you the flexibility to pay for what you want to use.