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We DO NOT exhange any of your data using bluetooth. We only use a secure random number to track users nearby using bluetooh. There is absolutely no data transfer from any device to any device when we use bluetooth. It is 100% secure. You will be using bluetooth to only see users nearby.
If you are an ios user , you must leave your app running in background if you want to ensure you see other users nearby you when you are not using the app. This will also ensure that you are seen by other users , so that they can express interest in you. An android user will get a message on screen when genie is scanning for users nearby. You must not close this message if you want
The world of dating is an uneven world. Our market research suggests that some users only swipe right (especially men). This leads to a very bad experience for women as they get a match , but never get response to any conversations. This is because the men swiping right was never interested in the first place. We restrict men to swiping in 'choice' mode to ensure that they swipe right only those users that they are genuinely interested in.
To discourage random right swiping, your single view mode (available to only women) may get disabled if you RIGHT Swipe consecutively 3-5 times. It will however get enabled next day, but can again be disabled on the same basis. To encourage women users to also Swipe in 'choice' view mode
You will be able to see the count of Swipe and RealLife likes that you have received here. These are the people who have already 'right Swiped' you. You will get an instant match if you right Swipe these. You can left Swipe them to reject, but user is never informed of the left Swipe You can chose to reveal some or all of those likes. The likes that you have chosen to reveal and not yet Swiped will appear in disclosed likes for you to Swipe them later.
You can choose various filters to see the profiles that you see in Swipe Your setting is enabled only after you complete information about yourself to 80% ( the profile % bar on edit profile will indicate this. Explanation along with it will also tell you about what information update will give you how many % points. By default you will get 2 filters free. You can choose to buy more filters When your paid filters expire, you will need to reset all filters again.
We respect individual choice and hence the filter But we also give small incentive to people who select 'Doesn't matter' Please note that you will NOT be filter profiles on the basis of ehtnicity , if you chose 'doesn’t matter' on your profile If you chose doesn’t matter once and later want to change it , it will require 2 credits We suggest that you DO NOT choose 'Doesn't matter' if you want to filter profiles that you see on this basis
By default you will see the gender profiles that you had selected during registration – in both swipe and RealLife. However, if you want to be able to see other genders that your default selected , then you can choose the gender. Selecting ‘All’ setting will show you men, women and other genders also. Note that selecting to view other gender profiles than your default one will require purchase using your credit balance in Genie.
No we never inform any user who sends you crush request, RealLife request or the ones you left swipe, unless ofcourse if you accept their interest or right swipe them – in which case you will see them in your matches.