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Ever wondered how desirable you are?

Subconsciously, we have all found ourselves rating potential suitors online or in real life, between a score of 0-10. This ranking is made up of our own personal preferences: obviously looks make up a large part of it, but education, work profile, how you dress, your interests can all play a factor.

Genie's data shows most men and women have a ranking between 5 & 7.

This is exactly what you’d expect in real life. Genie uses this data to power a unique feature called a ‘Chemistry Rating’. The Chemistry Rating is a score which is attached to each person’s profile and shows your likelihood of having good chemistry with that person.  The Chemistry Rating can be seen as a real benefit as it prevents users from wasting time swiping on profiles they might never match with, essentially giving them a nudge in the right direction to who they are most likely to get a match with. For example, a 93.7% chemistry rating on a profile means that you are likely to match and get along with this person and a 23.3% chemistry rating implies there is less certainty. However, it is always worth a shot!

How are the ‘Chemistry Ratings’ calculated?

While Genie cannot reveal the full details of its secret sauce, we can give you a rough idea. Calculated by the app’s algorithm, the score is based on who is swiping left or right on you or the other profile ( from split screen view). Using the 0-10 rankings concept, if you think you are an 8 you are unlikely to swipe right on someone that you think is a 3 and vice versa. But don’t worry, nobody will ever be able to see their personal ranking or anyone else’s for protection purposes. Genie will simply use it to calculate Chemistry Ratings between two people.

There are a lot of other factors that go into making an accurate ‘Chemistry Rating’, but you can use it as an indicator of:

  1. Chances that the other person will also right swipe you.  
  2. Chances that you will get along with them on a date.
  3. Not wasting time on people who will waste your time (a low chemistry score is a likely indicator)
  4. Narrow down to profiles where I have a high probability of finding ‘the one’.

Should I trust this Chemistry Rating?

Firstly, Genie doesn’t make the data. It is how the real world or a large user base FEEL about a profile(including yours). It is a true reflection of how the world perceives you and your profile. Of course, your profile has its limitations to what extent it conveys you as a ‘real’ person.

Secondly, because >93% of men right swipe all the time, Genie uses an innovative split screen module which makes them stop and think before they swipe.  It shows you 2 profiles at a time, so you can only right swipe one of them at a time, meaning people stop randomly right swiping every profile.

Split screen swiping allows Genie to capture and calculate user preferences accurately, which by design other dating apps can’t.

To see who you're most suited to, download the Genie Connections app, register, and start swiping.

Download the app now and say bye to missed connections. Say yes to real life dating.

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